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Should You Run Your Business With An iPad?

Many companies are selling point of sale systems that use an iPad for the hardware. It’s an appealing concept: buy a popular tablet from the lowest bidder and set up shop! Your customers will admire your cool approach to sales transactions, and at least at first, you’ll be up and running at a relatively low cost.

But should you do it? Probably not.

The iPad is a consumer grade product. It wasn’t designed for constant commercial use. I don’t think your business should rely on a product that wasn’t built for repeated abuse in a retail setting. But if you have a low customer count with high average transactions, an iPad solution would probably work for you, at least until Apple makes your tablet obsolete and forces you to buy the latest model.

A better choice is to select equipment that has been designed for the retail world. You’ll get sturdier hardware, better support, and software upgrades that won’t require you to buy a new piece of equipment.